The Twin Ages or the Age of Ord and Dro


Unknown Date, Before War (BW)

The first events written to the Tapestry begin the First Age. The Twin Ages of Ord and Dro. This age sees the birth of Dro and Ord, gods of Blood and Stone. In the beginning there was only Blood and Stone, from these primal forces Ord and Dro forged the world, Orden, and it’s people, the Droden. The Droden, now called the Old Gods, were the first beings to exist, and as such, each claimed one of the new aspects found throughout the world.

  • Soun, the first son, claimed the Sun and Skies.
  • Pessius came next and he claimed the aspects of Water and Joy.
  • Porth was the strongest of the Droden, so he claimed Strength and Hope.
  • Coeus was the first to create his own people, so he gave them Intelligence and claimed it for his own.
  • Crius was a creative soul, he turned his paintbrush to the heavens and claimed the Heavenly Constellations.
  • Tyryinax was born into a hard task, Ord and Dro gave him Time and The Ages.
  • Synisees joined coeus in his endeavours, giving his people Memory and Remembrance, which she claimed for herself.
  • Rheagem saw the new people of the world and took pity on them, she eased their lives with her aspect, Fertility and Harvest.
  • The Lady Winter, jelous of Soun, took all she could; Winter, Beauty and Luck
  • Lo and her twin were the last, they were natural opposites with Lo claiming Order and Love while her sister Diamus took Chaos and Hate.

With the Droden now content, their power and claims undisputed, they turned their attention towards the world that Ord had made for them. Using their powers they changed it, filled it and nurtured it. They created Humans, Elves and Dwarves; then seeded them throughout Orden. With this, they began the Second Age: The Forgotten Age or the Age of Gods.

The Twin Ages or the Age of Ord and Dro

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