The Forgotten Age or the Age of Gods


~8000 BW – 685 BW

Under the loving vigil of the Droden, the Second Age began. The Age of Gods, an Age of Order.

Humans; Coeus’ favourite children, advanced rapidly throughout the Age of Gods, with the guiding hand of Coeus, Synisees and Rheagem many civilizations flourished under their love and care.

Although Coeus had a head start, he was not the only one to use Dro’s gift and create life.

  • The Feywild and it’s immortal elves and fey were sung to life by Rhaegem.
  • The Dwarves and Metallic Dragons were forged from stone and steel by Porth.
  • Lo, eager to compete with her twin, made Angels; while Diamus created Demons. Together they made Noble Eladrin, and Devils. Thus forming the planes: The Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia, The Infinite Layers of the Abyss, and The Nine Hells of Baator.

Seeing the imbalance created by Rhaegem and her Feywild, Ord and Dro took one of Lo’s new Angels, Terimus, and elevated him to a position they called Archangel. Terimus became the Archangel of Balance and Justice but is most often known as the God of Change. Terimus could see Orden was in great imbalance; so he took decisive action. First he created an opposite for Rhaegem’s Feywild called Shadowfel, If the Feywild was a beautiful reflection of the world it meant the Shadowfel had to be an ugly one. He took another of his fellow angels, Nitum, and placed him in charge of the Shadowfel, as Rhaegem was in charge of the Feywild.

After solving that first imbalance, Terimus saw others, next he took the harsh and ruthless elements away from Orden and created a plane where they can coexist and compete on their own. He gave rise to the Elemental Planes. Taking yet more Angels, and by this time, Demigods, and placing them in charge of these new planes. He elected Kristah, Angel of Fire; Isult, Demigoddess of Air; Quexot, Angel of Water; and Throundiir, of the earthen realm, to be the shepherds of these planes.

As a result of his actions, Nitum became the Archangel of Death and Darkness and the elemental rulers slowly took on new names and titles.

  1. Kristah is now known as the King of Flames
  2. Isult proclaimed herself Tsarina of Air, Queen of all storms and Empress of Elements. She is unsuccessful in proving her last title.
  3. Quexot is the High King of Water, with his Marids ruling below him.
  4. Throundiir assumed his mantle as Sovereign of Earth and Stone.

It’s said the gods dwelt on the hundreds of floating islands that hovered far above the world, watching the people of Orden from on high; in their celestial thrones. Under their gaze, thousands of civilizations rose and fell on the three huge continents of Orden.


Riesa was the largest, it saw the rise of the Blighted Kingdom. Ruled by High King Mirathis and the other Blights, this kingdom was the largest and most powerful of all the kingdoms that came before it and all that will come after.

  • High King Mirathis, known as the Greatblight, was a supposedly immortal being who is remembered as The Once and Future King. He commanded a mercenary company called the Blighted Swords that became so large and rich they founded a kingdom.
  • King Gregor IV, known as the Stoneblight, created an acid that eats through stone and leaves minerals inside intact. He is one of the reasons for the Kingdom’s prosperity.
  • Queen Alana II, known as the Stormblight, was one of the most powerful wizards ever known, strong enough to control the weather throughout Riesa.
  • lastly, King Karanor, the Lifeblight, was the final reason for the Kingdom’s success. A powerful Lich that single-handedly replaced all of the kingdoms labor with his undead workers. The power to infinity expand granted the kingdom incredible success, profit, and efficiency.

High King Mirathis declared the First Dragon Crusade when Ymorith the Black began subjugating dragonborn, lizard folk and giants with the goal of creating an army to destroy civilization. The High King brought together the people of Riesa, Imaren and Parnosia against Ymorith and while the fighting was intense and many lost their lives, the people of Orden eventually won against the evil dragon queen Ymorith.

Ymorith the Black sitting atop the destroyed city of Quiela

They shared Riesa with the Tresintine empire and the Brotherhood of the Golden Gates.
The Tresintine Empire was short lived and fell into despair shortly after it’s formation while the Brotherhood stayed strong in their Fortress-Monastery guarding a portal they believed led to Mount Celestia.

High King Mirathis, Centre; with King Gregor, Left; and Queen Alana, Right


Parnosia was a wild land and colonized by a civilization called the Illuminated Confederacy. A group of city-states that banded together in order to survive the harsh conditions of the continent. They were named after the mythological race called the Illuminates; who were said to protect the world from Devils and Demons.

An artists rendition of the celestial Illuminates


Imaren was was a continent ruled by the Sun, cracked and scorched Imaren was mostly desert and ruled by Kazadkevar. The Genasi of this land formed their council of Branded and ruled with steel and gold for centuries.

Kazadkevar was not alone on Imaren however, they shared their space with Kalidorm. Kalidorm was ruled by a generational King or Queen called the Khali who set aside their lives to rule their peers. Kalidorm was consistently at war with Kazadkevar and to every person on Orden’s surprise, they held their own for hundreds of years.

The Branded

This Age came to an end when the sun turned black; and the divine influence of the gods could no longer be felt by priests nor clerics. The Black Age decended upon the world as the crops were plagued by locusts and Devils began to invade the world.

The Fiendish Incursion, led by Archduchess Taramiir, began the Second Dragon Crusade and ended the Age of Gods.


The Forgotten Age or the Age of Gods

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