Lord Maar, Lord of Light


Follow the light and it shall guide your way

In order to ascend to the mantle of Lord of Light he defeated The Serpent in a battle that lasted weeks. He was the first of the Lords to gain their power.
Lord Maar is often depicted as a gargantuan human, wielding his twin longswords, Godslayer and Chainbreaker.
His title during the Siege of Heaven was The Warfather. He is characterized as shrewd and astute.

Lord Maar is Chaotic Good, he detests all evil acts and seeks out ways to do good however he can.

During the Age of Tyranny Lord Maar was the unifying factor for the majority of the now-Lords. His charisma and intelligence swayed even Mene who had been rivals with Maar for decades.

Lord Maar is married to Lady Kiya, they rule over Inselmaar together with the Council of Light.

Lord Maar’s Knights are:

  1. Gregory the Fierce, a Human who was given Knighthood during the Siege of Heaven. He is Maar’s Lord Protector, in-charge of Maar’s security and safety.
  2. Harding the Bull, a Black Dragonborn that gained his Knighthood during the Siege of Heaven for his command of Lord Maar’s Forces. Knight Harding is the Joint-Head of the Bright Venatori and the Minister of War for the Council of Light.
  3. Ysolt the Mountain, a Silver Half Dragon who was granted Knighthood for her acts of charity, giving food to thousands during the 1283AW famine. Ysolt is the Minister of Infrastructure for the Council of Light.
  4. Karg the Harbinger, a Half-Orc that gained his Knighthood for reclaiming the city of Wayford during the Siege of Heaven.
  5. William the Brave, a Dwarf who ascended to knighthood for evacuating the city of Feygate after its portal shifted from being connected to the Feywild to the Shadowfel.
  6. Ive the Brilliant, a Tiefling who gained her knighthood through the killing of a Lich that threatened the city of Maarbridge. She is the Minister of Finance for the Council of Light.

Lord Maar, Lord of Light

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