Lord Bale, Lord of Darkness

Lord Maar’s best friend and adventuring companion, Lord Bale was the first to join Maar in his war against the Fallen Gods.

Bale’s home was crushed and burnt by The Destroyer, so it was the great dragon that Bale sought out to destroy in the Siege of Heaven. With the aid of the now-Lord Maar, The Destroyer was killed in a great battle that crushed several towns and cities.
He earned the title Dragon’s Bane during the war for his swift dispatching of the abominable chromatic dragons that the Fallen Gods had created.

Bale is depicted most often as a large cloaked figure holding his famous glaive, Nightfall in one hand and the Lantern of the Dead in the other. Lord Bale views the domain of death as his alone, he despises Necromancy as he views it a stealing the dead from their eternal rest under his vigil.

As well as darkness, Bale’s domains include Death, Sorrow and Chaos.

Lord Bale abdicated his position leading the people of Dunthel after the Wyrd became a larger and larger problem on the island. Instead he gave the responsibility of leading to Lord Montu and the High Council of Dunthel. Lord Bale stepped aside and formed the Wyrd hunters. A force of elite hunters dedicated to stopping anything that crawls its way out of the Wyrd in order to protect the rest of Dunthel.

Lord Bale’s Knights are:
Naman ‘Stonebreaker’ Katakalakath the Undefeated, a goliath that earned his knighthood from defeating everyone – including a dragon-rider Piper Silverfin and her dragon Colrath – in a grand tourney to win the honour of being Lord Bale’s bodyguard. Lord Bale was so impressed with his performance that he Knighted him there and then.
Illiric the Risen, a gnome that earned his knighthood for his command of Lord Bale’s armies in the Siege of Heaven. He died during the war but was brought back by Bale as none of his other commanders were half as good as Illaric. He is now the Joint-Head of the Bright Venatori.
Harrison the Hammer & Anthony the Anvil, Harrison and Anthony earned their Knighthoods together, they developed and perfected the Hammer and Anvil technique during the war. Their martial prowess made them perfect candidates to become knights.


In Death, all things are equal.

Lord Bale, Lord of Darkness

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