The Lords

The Twelve Lords of Orden

Lord Maar, Lord of Light|CG| Home: Inselmaar

Holy Symbol: A golden sun crossed by swords with a clenched fist in front of it.

Domains: Light, Life, Order, and Poison.

Lord Bale, Lord of Darkness |N| Home: Dunthel

Holy Symbol: A solar eclipse with a right facing dragon’s head.

Domains: Darkness, Death, Sorrow, Chaos, and Fire.

Lord Nerikay, Lord of Nature |NG| Home: Ania

Holy Symbol: An oak tree with a sleeping bear.

Nature, Health, Winter, and Wrath.

Lady Tae, Lady of Lust |LN|Home: Tae Mons

Holy Symbol: An eye with two curling horns on each side.

Love, Desire, Divination, and Shadows.

Lord Djau, Lord of Smithing |N| Home: Ars

Holy Symbol: An anvil with crossed hammers, ringed by steel.

Domains: Smithing, Artistry, Dedication, Summer, Fire, and Disease.

Lady Benerif, Lady of Peace |LG| Home: Quies

Holy Symbol: A Shield with two linked hands on it.

Domains: Peace, Tranquility, Trade, Winter, and Ice.

Lord Mene, Lord of War |CN| Home: Bello

Holy Symbol: A horse, facing left, crossed by Doombringer, facing right. (Obsidian Greataxe)

Domains: War, Honour, Strength, Pride, and Nightmares.

Lord Martem, Lord of Magic |LN| Home: Zauber

Holy Symbol: A hurricane centered around a staff, ringed by arcane energy.

Domains: Magic, Puzzles, Storms, Destruction, and Voids.

Lord Seti, Lord of Justice |LG| Home: Ius

Holy Symbol: An image of Lord Seti holding his sword point down; wings spread.

Justice, Humility, Mercy, Balance and Pain.

Lady Kiya, Lady of Wisdom |NG| Home: Inselmaar

Holy Symbol: A crystal ball with a book inside it.

Domains: Wisdom, Knowledge, Sapience, and Deception.

Lord Montu, Lord of Mirth |CN| Home: Dunthel

Holy Symbol: A Lute, with a die behind it, moon to the right and Iyarta’s face to the left

Domains: Mirth, Joy, Music, Luck, and Trickery

Lord Inarus, Lord of Madness |CG| Home: Irrsinn

Holy Symbol: A butterfly run through by a spear.

Domains: Madness, Insanity, Hysteria, Rage, and Anger

The Lords

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