The Ancestral Home of the Fey

The Feywild is split into two courts, known as the Silver Courts.

The Silver King is the head of the Court of Lilies
The Silver Queen is the head of the Court of Thorns

The Court of Lilies is dedicated to the domestic aspects of ruling the Feywild and the Court of Thorns deals with the foreign aspects.

The Silver Monarchs rule all of the Feywild together.

The King manages the internal court affairs as well as civil aspects of the kingdom. He controls the aspects of Winter and Ice
The Queen deals with foreign affairs such as maintaining good standing with the material plane as well as defending the Feywild from Shadowfel. She controls the aspects of Summer and Fire.

Both Monarchs command their own legion of troops who maintain a competitive rivalry.

The Silver King commands the Argent Guard. They’re the court’s household guard.

  • Jiardem Shalberain, Lord Commander of the Argent Guard
  • Sariel Siribahn, The Knight of Lilies

The Silver Queen commands the Hundred Vitiates. They’re a special forces unit that considers themselves ‘tarnished’ by their duty to kill others.

  • Valendra Zolerii, Lord Commander of the Hundred Vitiates
  • Berrian Aelius, The Knight of Thorns


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