Expanded rules


Legal Books (The rules, races, and classes in these books are all allowed)
The Player’s Handbook
Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide: Bladesinging is restricted to races with long lives instead of just elves. The one caveat is that a Bladesinger must have been tought by a High Elf.
Volo’s guide to Monsters: Playable races are described below, no monstrous PCs
Elemental Evil Player’s Companion: Goliath’s have been replaced by Volo’s goliaths. No Deep Gnomes.
Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

Multiclassing Change
With the release of Xanathar’s Guide, Warlocks have become a very powerful and front-heavy class. I hate to ban classes as it limits the options players have in the game so instead there will be a change to the way multiclassing with Warlock works.
If you start as a Warlock, you must take at least five levels of it before you can multiclass out of warlock.
Additionally, if you start the game as another class, you can’t choose to multiclass into Warlock at all. You can be rewarded with Warlock levels in game if the scenario arises but you cannot take Warlock levels if you do not start as one.

Spellcasting Change
Normally after casting a spell of either an action or a bonus action, you can use your remaining bonus action or action to cast a cantrip if you have one. This rule is being changed so that instead of being limited to just cantrips after casting a spell, you can cast any spell or cantrip up to second level, if you have the available action.

At fourth level players may take both a feat and an ability score improvement. After fourth level you may pick one or the other as normal.
The lucky feat is not allowed.

Playable Races:

Player’s Handbook:
Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Orcs, Dragonborn (Chromatic), Half Dragons (Metallic), and Tieflings

As a note, Humans are one of the rarest species in this setting, their numbers were decimated during the Siege of Heaven and they are struggling to recover.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters:
Aasimar, Goliath, Kenku, Tabaxi, and Triton

Elemental Evil Player’s Companion:
Aarakocra and Genasi

Orcs (WIP)
Succubi & Incubi

Custom Race Alterations: (The following alterations are to be applied to races in the Player’s Handbook)

Fey AncestryWhile Elves are in the Feywild or have been there in the past decade, they do not age.

Fey AncestryHalf-Elves can extend their life through frequent exposure to the Feywild. They can often reach ages as long as 300.

Men of StoneDwarves are not born, they are Made. Prospective parents pray to the ancient God Porth for the Miracle of Childbirth. If their prays are answered they are given a holy Seed of Life which they plant into a stone or a chosen metal. When the child is ‘born’ it emerges encased forever by the metal they were planted in.
You can pick between:
Stone Skin: Resistance to slashing damage.
Platinum skin: Resistance to Acid and Necrotic damage.
Adamantine Skin: +1 AC.
Mithral Skin: Proficiency in acrobatics.

Half Orcs:
Half-Orcs have a choice of ancestry:
War Breed – Proud of your prowess on the battlefield, you gain Battlecry once per long rest. As an action, you shout inspiring words of courage to your allies, each creature you choose within 30ft gains advantage to attacks until your next turn, you can then make one attack as a bonus action.
Battlefield Ghost – Practiced in the art of Spear Dancing, If you make a successful melee attack against a creature, that creature can’t make opportunity attacks against you for the rest of the turn.

Players who make a Tiefling character have a choice between two heritages:
Bale’s Chosen – Descendants of the Tieflings who fought in the war of heaven, when they drop to 0 hit points Bale’s Chosen start their saving throws with one success.
Isuroc’s Children – These Tieflings were created by Isuroc after the war, these Tieflings can choose from the variants in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.

Minotaurs have a choice of ancestry:
Thralls – These former slaves find themselves leaning towards both violence and servitude, Thralls gain disadvantage on WIS saves vs Charm and the Aggressive trait. (Bonus action to move up to half your speed towards an enemy)
Chain Breakers – These free men find themselves reacting violently against any who try to coerce or enslave them. Chain Breakers gain advantage on saves vs charm. On a successful save vs charm the character can use a reaction to move up to their speed towards the origin of the save and make an attack if in range.

The only mechanical change is a slight buff, Dragonborn deal 1d6 extra damage on their breath weapons.
A bit of a flavour change as well; Chromatic Dragonborn remain the same but metallic Dragonborn would technically be half-dragons. The reason for this is because Chromatic Dragons were created by the Fallen Gods, and further twisted into humanoid soldiers; the Dragonborn. While Half-dragons come from the natural offspring of a dragon etc. Nothing changes here mechanically, just different names and history.

Classes & Backgrounds

Class Alterations:
Warlock, Hexblade: You may use Hexblade’s Curse a number of times equal to one third of your Warlock Level every short or long rest (Rounded Down) (Minimum of 1)

Accepted Unearthed Arcana:
Sorcerer: Phoenix & Stone
The Revised Ranger
Fighter: Arcane Archer, Knight, and Sharpshooter: The Arcane Archer can use ‘Create Magic Arrow’ a number of times equal to their proficiency bonus every short or long rest.
Gothic Heroes: Monster Hunter

Custom Classes:
Oath of Darkness Paladin
The Way of Spirits Monk

Custom Backgrounds:
Ddwrn Agent

Accepted 3rd Party Homebrew:
Oath of sunlight
Ancient Dragon Patron

Homebrew Rules

Allowed Alignments:
While Alignment isn’t used in my games for player characters, you can use an alignment as a rough idea of how your character thinks; with that said there are some exceptions: You cannot make evil aligned characters nor any characters who are chaotic neutral. The characters in this campaign are heroes, not douchebags.

Custom Rules:
Rules List

Expanded rules

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