Dahlia Dalma

An Ancient Enchantress, Born Before the Siege of Heaven


Dahlia is a small human, she is 5’3" with pale skin and blonde hair. Her right eye is blue while her left is brown.


Dahlia was freed from an icy prison after the party defeated a necromancer in Deeprock. She is well over two thousand years old. Her last memory was of fighting Yor of Colt, the wizard responsible for creating the Fireball spell.

Since returning to the world she has started studying a lot of history to catch up on what has happened while she slept; while also aiding Charles Black in Ricdom with his magical investigations.

The party met her again in Zauber during the gathering of the Archon Eight. She won the open seat on the Archon Eight’s Council of Eight. The party also discovered that since her return to the world, she has begun dating Arch Magus Charles Black.

Dahlia Dalma

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