Arch-Magus Charles Black

Arch Mage & Headmaster of the Mage's Academy in Ricdom


Charles Black is a 6’1 human from Inselmaar. He wears the black and gold robes of an Arch Magus and walks with his gnarled staff.
He has brown hair and a short trimmed beard.


Charles Black is the current Arch Mage and Headmaster of the Mage’s Academy in Ricdom. He’s one of the few Necromancers still allowed to leave the Academies; this is probably because of his kind nature, his talent, and his proficiency in the arcane. He has shown exceptional power and skill as well as a friendly and welcoming attitude to those in need.

He has provided the party with Cups of Illusion that change their outward appearance to make them look like the living.

After the party’s encounter with Vecna in Maarbridge, he is investigating what happened there with the aid of Dahlia Dalma.

Arch-Magus Charles Black

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