Welcome to Orden,

A world caught in the ever-shifting tides of Order and Chaos

It is said that the ancient god Tyryinax spins a cosmic weaving wheel, it’s rotation is the passing of time and every revolution is the end and dawn of an Age. Each rotation brings change; which Tyryinax weaves into the great Tapesty of Time.

Below is a small introduction to the history of the setting, more information can be found by clicking on the banners of each age or in the wiki section


The Twin Ages of Ord and Dro

Unknown Date, Before War (BW)

The first events written to the Tapestry begin the First Age. The Twin Ages of Ord and Dro. This age sees the birth of Dro and Ord, gods of Blood and Stone. In the beginning there was only Blood and Stone, from these primal forces Ord and Dro forged the world, Orden; and it’s people, the Droden. The Droden, now called the Old Gods, were the first beings to exist, and as such, each claimed one of the new aspects found throughout the world.

With the Droden content, their power and claims undisputed, they turned their attention towards the world that Ord had made for them. Using their powers they changed it, filled it and nurtured it. They created Humans, Elves and Dwarves; then seeded them throughout Orden. With this, they began the Second Age: The Forgotten Age or the Age of Gods.


The Forgotten Age or the Age of Gods

~8000 BW – 685 BW

Under the loving vigil of the Droden, the Second Age began. The Age of Gods, an Age of Order.

Humans; Coeus’ favourite children, advanced rapidly throughout the Age of Gods, with the guiding hand of Coeus, Synisees, and Rheagem many civilizations flourished under their love and care.

Although Coeus had a head start, he was not the only one to use Dro’s gift and create life.

  • The Feywild, with its immortal elves and fey; were sung to life by Rhaegem.
  • The Dwarves and Metallic Dragons were forged from stone and steel by Porth.
  • Lo, eager to compete with her twin, made Angels; while Diamus created Demons. Together they made Noble Eladrin, and Devils. Thus forming the planes: The Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia, The Infinite Layers of the Abyss, and The Nine Hells of Baator.

This Age came to an end when the sun turned black; and the divine influence of the gods could no longer be felt by priests nor clerics. The Black Age descended upon the world as the crops were plagued by locusts and Devils began to invade the world.

The Fiendish Incursion, led by Archduchess Taramiir, began the Second Dragon Crusade and ended the Age of Gods.


The Black Age or the Age of Tyranny

685 BW – 0 AW (After War)

Through the clash of steel and the stench of sulfur, the Third Age began. The Age of Tyranny, an Age of Chaos.

During the revolution of his wheel, Tyryinax’s Tapestry of time was marred by three great Rendings.

  • The first of which scars the end of the Age of Gods, it is the disappearance of dozens of the gods and thousands of demigods. What happened to them is mere speculation but all can agree; they failed the world when they were needed most.
  • The second slashes through the beginning of the Black Age. It was the great Invasion of Orden, when countless ingresses to the Planes of Baator and the Abyss were opened by the Archduchess.
  • The last Is a long gash throughout the Age of Tyranny, when ruin and devastation poured down from the heavens and Death came to Orden.

The Black Age extended for years, it incorporated the Second Dragon Crusade the Siege of Heaven and the Third Dragon Crusade into one long, brutal war. Life after the Black Age will never be the same for humans.

The Age of Tyranny ended in cheers, celebration, and tears.


The Golden Age or the Age of Lords

0 AW – Present

The end of the Siege of heaven is marked as the exact moment Martem Gwydion used his signature Power Word Storm to strike down the final Fallen God, The Outsider.

The Age began with the restoration of order, slowly civilisation was rebuilt atop the isles of Laputa, each major island being renamed after the new Gods that claimed them. Over time the Elves and Dwarves returned, finding their way to the islands, each was welcomed as a long lost brother for no human could endure more needless fighting. The races made by the Fallen Gods were shunned at first, but soon settled in to life among the humans.

The Ages of Orden

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