The Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia

The great mountain, torn asunder by war…


This old and ancient plane was once whole, a great mountain rising towards the silver skies. During the Siege of Heaven the plane was torn apart, the Destroyer ripped each level into near destruction. Their slow reformation resulted in the seven levels of Mount Celestia which float independent of the others; it has become a radiant reflection of the Material Plane.

Mount Celestia is the home of Saints. Each Saint is an embodiment of something, an ideal, a virtue or something else entirely. These saints reside on each level, the strength of the Saint determines which level they reside on.

Level One, Lunia

Lunia is ruled by Saint Jorval, Patron Saint of the Ill.

  • Lady Alindra, Patron Saint of Revenge. The Lady Alindra is the Patron Sponsor to the Knight of the Stained Rose, a sect of paladins that seek vengeance for the bereaved.
  • Saint Pyrian, Patron Saint of Courage and Dragon Slaying.
  • Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon.

Level Two, Mercuria

Mercuria is ruled by Saint Toralda, Patron Saint of Labour.

Level Three, Venya

Venya is ruled by Saint Kalta, Patron Saint of Loss and the Lost.

  • Saint Yuor’er, Patron Saint of Spelling and Grammar. Her holy symbol is a tiny figurine of an enigmatic man known only as Muphry.

Level Four, Solania

Solania is ruled by Saint Tir, Patron Saint of Altruism.

  • Saint Boldrei, Patron Saint of Hearth and Home.

Level Five, Mertion

Mertion is ruled by Saint Nikolas, Patron Saint of Charity and Giving.

Level Six, Jovar

Jovar is ruled by Saint Pirias, Patron Saint of Joy.

  • Saint Kirovaal, Patron Saint of Investigation.

Level Seven, Chronias

Chronias is ruled by Saint Kiva, Patron of Purity.

  • Saint Woden, Patron Saint of the Hunt.

The Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia

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