The Red Raiders

Lead by Captain Balthazar and the Wyvern’s Bane.

Known captains of the Red Raiders are:

The Wyvern’s Bane – Captained by Balthazar the Red
A huge, heavily armed ship that rivals all others for sheer size and firepower. It has a large Wyvern mounted to the bow of the ship.
Currently heading to Ania.
Firstmate – Enrico de la Conte
Navigator – Wizard Tace

The Marble Pearl – Formerly captained by Red Dog

The Concord – Captained by Red Dog’s son, Captain Rau
A double-decked ship, well armed and outfitted for a fight
Last seen heading towards Ania
Firstmate – Andy the Anchor
Navigator – Wizard Billson

The Harridan’s Heart – Captained by Marcus Ossuary
A small, nible ship designed for speed and smuggling. Currently being repaired at the Ricdom Docks.
Firstmate – Stockly Blackmane
Navigator – Wizard Valero

The Fulminate Blade – Captain Antaro Bowman
A two decked ship armed with cannons, likely used for boarding. It has a large Hydra skull mounted to it’s bow.

The Red Raiders

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