The Order of the Stained Rose

In the great Chapel-Fortress of Barrath-Mau, there resides a sect of knights dedicated to the art of revenge.


Vindicta, the Isle of Revenge, is populated by the Knights of the Stained Rose and their followers. The isle is dominated by their great Chapel Fortress; which is in turn surrounded by the town of Mau.

These knights are servants of the Lady Alindra, Patron Saint of Revenge. As people pray to the Lady Alindra, she weighs their woes. If she finds them righteous or worthy she dispatches a knight to seek out the bereaved’s vengeance.

The most elderly knights form a group called the Knights Illustrious.
This group consists of:

  • The Lord Commander, Karthas Grindelwolf; the founder of the order and its unchallenged leader.
  • The Master at Arms, Cho Bolton; who trains the newest recruits.
  • The Quartermaster, Dimeon Nirsk
  • The Mage Prior, Ix Lurahd; who oversees the magical needs of the knights. Ix is one of the most famous wizards of the current age, his skill is legendary.

There is a group of specialised and elite knights named the Knights Eminent.
This group consists of:

  • The Knight Lector, Rhoriar Kincaid; who speads the good word of Lady Alindra to the common folk.
  • The Knight Almoner, Gothan Dorakorr; who oversees the order’s charitable donations to those in need.
  • The Knight Reclaimant, Ulric Grey; who reclaims any lost or stolen equipment, both for the order and its dependents.
  • The Knight Justicar, Zorrakas the Black; who finds justice for ghosts and revenants.

The remaining knights are called the Knights Gallant. They seek out the Lady Alindra’s Justice wherever it may be.

The Order of the Stained Rose

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