Myths and Fairy tales

Knight Harding the Bull

Knight Harding is a Black Dragonborn that gained his Knighthood during the Siege of Heaven for his command of Lord Maar’s Forces. His deeds and legends are told throughout the isles, he is one of the most revered figures in Orden. There are many stories of him single-handedly slaying dozens of demons or saving princesses from towers but his most famous story is of saving Lord Maar’s life from The Fury.
He is a figure that is spoken of much and it is common for mothers to tell their children fantastical stories of the mighty and powerful Knight Harding.

The Greatblight, High King Mirathis

High King Mirathis is a figure of much speculation and storytelling. He is commonly remembered as The Once and Future King, It is believed that he will return to Orden when the time is right and the need is great to reclaim his lost kingdom, returning to his throne as the Greatblight.

The Silence

The Silence is a figure much like the boogeyman, it is a way for mothers to scare their kids into line when they’re young. The legends surrounding The Silence are many but tell of a single figure that slaughters whole towns, villages, and covens in order to exterminate druids and items imbued with Nature Magic.

Galtheron the All-knowing

Galtheron is a well known figure similar to genies in common folklore. Galtheron is most widely considered a brass dragon who aids people seeking knowledge, appearing in a time of need to exchange information with them. People claiming to have met Galtheron sometimes also claim he trades in magic, secrets and rewards people with wishes. It is not known how much of that is true however.

Emrys the Eternal

Emrys has many legends surrounding him, it’s said he is a demigod that can preform any feat of strength and cunning imaginable. One of his more famous legends is that one day all the stars in the sky disappeared, so he went around the heavenly constellations, collecting the lost stars and returning them to their rightful place.

Saint Pyrian the Dragon Slayer

This legend dates back to the Forgotten Age, it tells of Pyrian of Valdaheim, who came to a large town during the first dragon crusade, there he found the town to be tormented by an ancient dragon. It would demand gold and sacrifices from the townspeople. According to legend Pyrian couldn’t stand by and let the dragon have its wicked way so he marched to the dragon’s lair where they fought to a mutual death. The gods, watching Pyrian’s great act of valor took his immortal soul and made him a Saint of Mount Celestia. He became Pyrian: Patron Saint of Courage and Dragon Slaying.

The Beast of Bodmin Moor

The local folktale of Wright’s Harbour on Ars tells of a massive beast that stalks the countryside of Bodmin’s moor, supposedly slaughtering livestock and terrorising the locals.

The Crown of Madness

The origin of the Crown of Madness is known by any bard worth his salt, if you are willing to believe the inflated stories that they have passed down through the ages. Mostly, it is used as a horror tale to scare others around a campfire, but I have listened to many different variations, and gathered a list of the legends that always seem to have the same key parts.
There was a prince who aspired to be king (Often called Malcolm or Morden), and he employed unusual magics and some of the runes found in the Clone spell in order to create a crown that would infuse him with the knowledge of others, so that he could rule wisely.
Unfortunately, something went wrong, and it didn’t seem to work. He magically marked many of his scholars and priests with the magic from the helm, hoping to copy their experiences into his own head, but it remained inert and useless. He tossed it away as a failed project, and didn’t think of it again for years and years.
One day, he found it again, and put it on to see if it would do anything. And, lo and behold, there were two voices, speaking to him in his head! But with a growing sense of horror, he realized that they were the voices of the two scholars who had died recently, somehow infused into the iron of the crown. In his haste to take it off, he tossed it to the ground and twisted it.
Soon, though, he realized that he could still use the crown like it was originally intended, as instant advice and wisdom. Reluctantly, he put it back on. The two scholars gave him knowledge beyond what he could have learned before, and he ruled wisely for a number of years.
But over time, more and more voices began to crowd his mind. And when he attempted to take it off, he found it had fused itself to his head. The Crown had developed a mind of it’s own. Anytime someone died that he had branded with the magical runes, so long ago, their voice was added to the multitude, and they began to drown each other out.
Slowly, the king began to go mad.
The loudest voices in his head compelled him to gather more souls. And so he did, leaving to mark more people, then killing them. Within a few years, his kingdom had fallen from proud and mighty, to chaotic and crumbling. Their leaders were lost, and rumors of a crazed murderer wearing a crown spread through the land, prompting people to leave before they were taken as well.
Sometimes, it’s still said that the Emperor of Madness, the King of Multitudes, Legion, still roams the land, looking for more souls to add to his collection. He listens, and if you call upon him, he will come.

The Charge of the Six Hundred

Myths and Fairy tales

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