A group of four mercenaries hired by the Wizard Kordu to retrieve four items of power from a nomadic gnome tribe; by any means necessary.

Although three of them got away, an Aasimar warlock named Gabriel was captured by the party. After making a Fey-Pact with the party, Gabriel traded his life for a large sapphire.

The rest of the group consisted of an unknown Half-Elf Gunslinger, an unknown Half-Orc Eldritch Knight, and an unknown Tiefling Rogue.

Later investigation by Durin and the Illithid-Psionicist Kairvossi revealed the names of the remaining members. The Tiefling Rogue is called Kian, the Half-Elf Gunslinger is called Ivy and the Half-Orc Eldritch Knight is called Nicodemus or often the Hydra Knight.

KING turned up again at Deeprock but this time fought alongside the party, letting bygones be bygones. Nadarr attempted to recruit the mercenaries, and while they agreed, have not been seen since.



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