Knight Ive the Brilliant

Holy Knight to Lord Maar and Minister of Finance for the Council of Light


Knight Ive is an imposing, red skinned Tiefling, who stands at a height of eight feet. She has long grey wings that extend out of her back and she emits an aura of glowing, golden light that soothes and calms those in her presence.

She wears enchanted, white, half-plate armour, and carries a long hafted spear with an orb that floats in the spear’s head; as well as a leather bound book with gold pages.


Knight Ive’s ascension to the rank of Knight is a well known story throughout Orden; The Lich Nirasmus attempted to attack the city of Maarbridge with his shambling undead. Ive and her companions did the impossible and slew the Lich. As the attempt’s sole survivor she was granted the highest honour Lord Maar can bestow. While her companions died, their memory lives on through her.

The party has encountered Knight Ive a few times, once when she arrived in the city of Ricdom to reinforce the defenders of a siege, again during that siege during an attack when she single-handedly killed an ogre that had made its way into the city, and the final time was a meeting with her in which they asked her to restore them to life. She agreed to this provided that they find the ingredients of the spell: Wyrm’s Root, a sapphire worth 1500gp, and a vial of healthy blood belonging to each of the races that wish to be restored.

After searching for the ingredients necessary for they spell, they returned to Knight Ive. With a complex ritual Knight Ive restored the party back to life and resurrected three of their fallen party members.

Knight Ive the Brilliant

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