Ellozar, the Wolf King

Self styled King of Wolves, undisputed ruler of the Bladdwode


Ellozar is a very tall wolf-person. he has grey and white fur across his body that’s only disturbed by the scars that line his body. He wears a mishmash of plate armour and wields a large two-handed scimitar.


Ellozar considers the entire Blaiddwode to be his. He commands a huge pack of wolves and dire wolves.
He was gifted Raven’s Oath by the party in exchange for transportation to Makt.

Ellozar has in his employ a small halfling called Riffy that is an incredible chef.

Ellozar has mastered a form of teleportation that allows him to travel the Wodes of Inselmaar rapidly.

Ellozar, the Wolf King

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