Count Vladimir VonPyre V

Vladimir VonPyre V; Count of Deeprock, not a vampire


Count Vladimir is a tall gaunt man that stands an imposing 6’5". He has Blonde hair and wears the latest fashions.
He speaks with an accent like Dracula or Count von Count but it is important to note, as he has assured the party many times, he is NOT a vampire.


Count Vladimir is the ruler in charge of Deeprock, the southern most city on Dunthel. He is a welcoming and hospitable fellow that very much enjoys company.

While in the ‘Pit’ that was dug inside Deeprock, Count Vladimir confessed to the party that his daughter, Alia, was down here and was in need of rescue.
The party being good and noble sorts, rescued Alia from a Ravenwood Knight, teleporting her out to safety while Ellaren and Minguel blew up the aforementioned Knight.

In return for liberating Deeprock and saving his daughter, Count Vladimir gifted the party a set of Ebon Coins. He explained that they were heirlooms and greatly treasured in his family.

During their dinner with the Count, he showed them a painting of his mother:

Count Vladimir VonPyre V

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