Atlas Attacus Junior

Skilled fighter and Guardian of the Champion's Guild


This tall and proud Half-orc has pointed Half-elven ears and dark green skin. he wears ornate leather armour and carries two magic swords, one of which is Light’s Peak; given to him by his father who bartered it from the party in exchange for information.


Atlas Jr. has an ongoing feud with his father and tends to stay away from him unless necessary.
He is an honourable fighter and Guardian of the Champion’s guild on Ania. His father says he’ll never turn down an honourable duel.

He traveled to Dwarfhold with his companion Beyla Zahackam for some ‘business’ and then returned with the party to Ricdom.

He fought side by side with the party during a bar brawl, killing two people; much to the annoyance of Faerel.

Atlas Attacus Junior

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