Atlas Attacus

Information broker and owner of the Dovecote bordello


A tall Half-orc with a smooth south-Texan accent. He surrounds himself with fine things and fine company.


Originally met in the burnt ruins of Makt, this 200 year old Half-Orc works as an information broker and runs the Dovecote bordello in Ricdom.
He also seems to be dabbling in smuggling recently.

His son is Atlas Jr.

Like Billy Steelhorn, Atlas has two guard drakes of red and black colouration. Their names are Igni and Ater. He seems fond of them.

He keeps Dupont Dupont, Shirozan the Sorcerer and Shaela in his company at most times.

Dupont Dupont; left, Shirozan; Centre, Shaela; Right

Atlas Attacus

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