Arthmael 'Tentbreaker' Kathamalakai

Part man, part beast, all beefcake.


Arthmael has light grey skin and striking tattoo-like birth markings, he stands a whopping 8’3 and stands out like a sore thumb in a crowd. He wears his scars on his chest, proud of the battle he has fought and wears a loose bearskin hat.


Arthmael is a member of the hunter’s guild, Clan Urso. This guild of barbarians, druids and rangers are trackers and hunters for hire.

Arthmael was hired by the party to guide them through the mountains and perhaps help them in a tough fight. He lead the party well and when the time came, revealed his greatest trick; when he flies into his barbarian rage, he transforms into a large and savage grizzly bear.

Arthmael travels with a large Caucasian Shepard named Urso.

Arthmael 'Tentbreaker' Kathamalakai

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